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Learning at Home

Welcome to the year 5 learning from home site.

The following links are based on the work we are doing at school this week, following the year 5 curriculum.





Home Learning 18/01/2021

Here is this weeks Home Learning Timetable. If you require any help with using Microsoft Teams then please email teachers@underwoodwest.cheshire.sch.uk. If you can  only attend one live meeting that is okay as we have provided 4 opportunities for this. The work for this week will be uploaded onto Teams each day as an assignment for you to complete. 

Topic Work

Monday - Open the link to the SWAY for the topic lesson and follow the activities. You should by the end have your own ration book with the food and amounts and then 2 menus including a rationed menu and a non-rationed menu. https://sway.office.com/cyX9yK7AO1lioobP?ref=Link&loc=play 

Thursday - https://sway.office.com/vNsNUN3lwPhSP6dW?ref=Link&loc=play 


Look at the following sway and complete the tasks set -


Religious Education - 19.01.21

This week we are looking at the first pillar of Faith - The Shahada. Follow this link to learn about this and then once completed, write a statement of belief that is important to you which guides you in the life you lead and the practices that you follow. Don't forget when completed send your work to the teachers email address.

I look forward to reading your work.

Mrs Chadwick


Home learning links 4.1.21

This term we will start by looking at a new text 'Letters from the Light House' by Emma Carroll.


Here is Chapter 1 for you to enjoy:

Chapter 1

After reading can you answer the following questions:

Why do you think Emma chooses to describe the bombs falling as ‘like pennies from a jar’?

What type of description is this?

• Using your prior knowledge of the war, why did no one throw food away at this time?

• Mimic what you think is Olive’s usual facial expression.

• What is the name of the cinema?

• What do you think Olive’s dad meant when he said ‘look for the light?

• The film stopped ‘abruptly’. What does this mean? • What phrase shows Olive is acting brave for Cliff.

• What stopped Olive from reaching Sukie?

• What impression do you get of Olive so far? What impression do you get of Sukie?

• Predict what might happen next. 

Email us your ideas : teachers@underwoodwest.cheshire.sch.uk

Remember to develop your times tables knowledge using your times table Rockstar logins.

In Numeracy this week we will be looking at Angles and Shape:









Happy Christmas

Here are a few activities you could do at home

Click on the link to make a lovely Christmas wreath








Home Learning Links 7.12.20 to 11.12.20


In Science this week we are continuing to look at Life Cycles. Look at the powerpoint below, then try to fill in the comparisons sheet below.


In our Spag sessions we are developing our knowledge of fronted adverbials. Test your knowledge with the test below (Answers are included).


Home Learning Links 30.11.20 to 4.12.20


In Literacy we are continuing to look at Biographies, this week I would like you to write a biography for Nelson Mandela. Use the timeline and presentation for support.


In our Spag sessions we have been developing our understanding of Parenthesis. Try the following activity.


In science we are learning all about Life Cycles. Click on the link below:

Home Learning Links 23.11.20- 27.11.20


We are continuing to develop our understanding of Negative numbers.


In Literacy we are learning all about Autobiographies. Here is an activity that will help you think about and prepare you to write your own autobiography.

Click here

Homophones and homonyms

In this lesson, we will explore homonyms. We will learn what they are and look at some examples. 10 spelling words will be explained and set to learn.


Click Here


Why do we celebrate Mandela Day?

In this lesson, we will learn about the impact that Nelson Mandela has had. We will begin by learning about why he was released from prison, before moving on to learn about his achievements after he came out of prison. We'll learn about how his efforts to bring about change are recognised and celebrated. You'll need a piece of paper and a pencil.


Click here

Home Learning  - 19/11/20


We are still working on negative numbers. Let's see if you can complete the lesson below . 



Please click on the links below which is work all to do with homophones. Just like we have been doing in class. 




The link below is all to do with writing a newspaper report.



Science this week we have been looking at plants.




Enter text...


In Literacy this week we are looking at Journalistic writing.

Click on the link below:

In maths we are continuing with place value, please click on the links below:






In Science we have been looking at filtration. Please click on the link below:

In Literacy we have looking at traditional origin tales: Here is one for you to watch and enjoy:

Download the sheet and 'Box up' the story of why the Aardvark has a sticky tongue.


In Maths we are looking at Place Value, please use the links below:






Next use this sheet to plan and write an origin story of your own. You might write about how the elephant got it's tusks, or the zebra got it's stripes. You decide, be creative!

In Science this week, we are looking at crystalisation. You can follow the steps below and grow your own:



We would love to see photographs of your sugar crystal sparklers, you can email the to us at:


In Computing we have been looking at Stopframe Animation, to create some of your own please click on the link below:

Culture Street




Literacy - This week we are looking at fiction writing and how we can improve our work. Please look at the links below to see how you can improve your stories. 

Editing Writing Teaching Powerpoint.ppt

Editing Sentences HA Worksheet.pdf

Editing Sentences AA Worksheet.pdf


Maths - we are looking at rounding. Please click on the link below to see if you can round to the nearest ten and nearest hundred.

 Rounding - Scorer of the Year.pdf

Science - we are looking at evaporation. Please click on the link below to learn more. 




 We are looking at non-chronological in lessons, look at the link below and then try some of the work

The features of a non-chronological report include some of the following:

  • An eye-catching heading in a large font
  • An introductory paragraph
  • Text split up into paragraphs and each paragraph on a different aspect of the subject
  • Sub-headings for each paragraph
  • Usually written in present tense
  • Pictures of the subject
  • Captions under each picture to explain what is in the picture
  • Diagrams with labels
  • Lists of facts in bullet points
  • Graphs or charts showing information about the subject
  • Boxes containing interesting individual facts to grab the attention of the reader
  • Technical vocabulary in bold, possibly with a glossary at the end


We have also been looking at modal verbs.  Try to do some of these activities.

Modal Verbs

Activity One:
Identify the modal verb in each sentence below.
1) Amy should be in for 9.
2) John will fetch the car.
3) Steve could get some chicken.
4) Aaron ought to go home.
5) Barry won’t be having chips tonight.
6) Harry may go to the cinema later.

Activity Two:
Rewrite each sentence, changing the modal verb so that the possibility/ probability in the sentence is different.
1) Amy should be in for 9.
2) John will fetch the car.
3) Steve could get some chicken.
4) Aaron ought to go home.
5) Barry won’t be having chips tonight.
6) Harry may go to the cinema later.

Activity Three:
Create sentences using the modal verbs below:









We are looking at place value, try to complete the work below.




We are looking at sieving and filtrating