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Year 5

 Summer holidays!!

Year 5 you have made it to the summer holidays!  We know this year has been difficult but you have all been fantastic.    Miss Ollier, Mrs Hardwick, Mr Sibbald and Mrs McGhie want to thank you all for being superstars and wish you all a happy summer holidays.

Below are a range of activities for you to do during the holidays if you wish to.  Some are literacy and numeracy based and others are just for fun!

Take care and stay safe.


The following website has lots of ideas on how to keep happy, healthy and active at home by exploring ways to eat well, move well, sleep well and feel well.  There are some lovely journals you can fill in, either online or print them off.


This YouTube clip is a 15 minute workout you can do at home.


This website has some great games you can play.


Click here to explore poetry.


Sign up for Free audible books.


Here are some lovely stories for all ages.


Read stories read online.


Lessons in different subjects.


Some great lessons and activities in lots of different subjects.


IT - Learn how to code.


White Rose maths has lots of good quality maths activities.


Some reading and writing activities.


Lots of different lessons including PE.





Colouring sheets

Summertime wordsearch

Summer English activity book

Maths revision booklet

Maths and English booklet

Wednesday 22nd July

We've made it!!! It's the last day of term and just like it would be at school, today is non-uniform or if you want - uniform!! play a few board games in the morning and finish any  work you've got outstanding and then in the afternoon it's party time.  So put on your party clothes, have some party food  and dance and play games with the rest of your family.

You've all worked really hard, you should be proud of yourselves.  The teachers are extremely proud of you all and look forward to seeing you as big year 6 in September.  Come and give us a socially distanced wave in the pod when we're back.

Happy summer holidays and stay safe.

Mrs Hardwick, Miss Ollier, Mr Sibbald and Mrs Mcghie






Tuesday 21st July


Nearly done it!! Welcome to Tuesday.


It's diary writing, you should all be really good at this now, we've done a lot of dairy writing.  There are a couple of videos and a features of a diary activity followed by writing a diary extract as is you were Ibn Battuta.  If you like the subject there is extra on twinkl.




You are recapping area today.  There are a couple of videos and an interactive game, and worksheet.




Again, its all about recapping today.  There are 3 quizzes all about human geography, sustainability and people and places. Good luck!




 There is a certificate that you can print off for taking part in Bitesize this Lockdown.  Well done to you all xx




Monday 20th July

Good morning, hope everyone had a good weekend.  It's the last couple of days of 'term.'  We are going to be using Bitesize for all 3 subjects for the last couple of days.  We would still love to hear from you. teachers@underwoodwest.cheshire.sch.uk 



You are learning about fiction and non-fiction.  There are a couple of videos, 2 quizzes and a video all about Gandhi to learn about.




Today it's decimals as fractions.  There is a video, a couple of examples, followed by a decimal quiz and worksheet.




There is a quiz all about Ancient Egyptians.  At the bottom of the page, there is more websites to visit if you are interested in the Egyptians.



Friday 17th July

We've nearly done another week.  Well done everyone.



Think about the 3 books we've read this year.  Which was your favourite why?




It's Friday, so it's challenge day!!!  Underneath the challenge are some games you may like to play as well.  Good luck!




Your learning how to make pancakes today.  Yum yum!!  There's a couple of videos, an activity about bubbles and then a recipe to make pancakes, if you haven't got pineapples, just make plain ones.  Please send us your photos.



Have a great weekend.

Thursday 16th July


I'd like you to design a new front cover and blurb today

Front cover



Today you are learning about timetables.  There are a couple of videos followed by a couple of worksheets.




You are looking at The Mad Hatters Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland.  There are a couple of videos and then you can make up your own body percussion motif and find some music and perform it to your family.  If you don't fancy performing there is plenty of poetry, sentences and riddles to make up in the activities.



Wednesday 15th July

Morning Year 5


I'd like you to write a book review today.

Book review

Example 1

Example 2



It's all about converting units of time today.  There is a couple of examples to work through and then a few worksheets to try.




Today you are learning all about science in sport.  There are lots of videos to watch and then a matching activity and a fill in the gaps activity.






Tuesday 14th July


I'd like you to write a summary of the book today.




You are learning about metric and imperial units today.  There's a video, don't forget to pause to work out the answers, a worksheet and an interactive game to play.




It's all about how you move today.  There are a few videos and then lots of practical tasks for you to take part in. Make sure you've got some water to hand.



Monday 13th July

Its our final full week this week.  Nearly the summer holidays.



It's the final chapter today and a comprehension.





You are learning how to convert metric measurements today.  There is a video, a couple of examples, a quiz and a worksheet to complete.




Its all about spectacular space today.  There's a couple of videos and then the activities are designing a badge and making  a rocket.  To infinity and beyond!!!




Friday 10th July

We made it to Friday! Hope everyone is OK.



I'd like you to write  a recount of the rowing incident today.




Challenge day! You can use a bar model to help with the questions.  Good luck!




You are learning all about Florence Price today.  There are a couple of videos and tracks, then you can make your own instrument, learn to play rhythm and then compose your own rhythm and use your own instrument.



Thursday 9th July

Hello Year 5.  Hope you are able to get out and about in between this rain.



You are writing as if you are Olive today.  Write a diary about her return.




We are looking at translation.  There are a couple of videos and 2 worksheets to complete.  Good luck




Its all about how and why singing makes us feel good today.  There area couple of videos, a short film with a vocal warm up, then you have to learn a song and finally, write a poem.  Happy singing!


Wednesday 8th July

Morning. Hope you are all well.


  It's the next chapter today and another comprehension.





We are looking at reflection today.  There is a video, a couple of examples to look at and then 2 worksheets to complete.




You are looking at theatre genres.  There is a video and then a couple of activities to have a go at.




Research how long it would take to row from France to Dover. What would be the quickest route? What forms of transport would be quicker? What would you have to take into account when rowing? How far is it?

 Has anyone ever done it? Is there a record time?




Tuesday 7th July

Good morning year 5.  Hope you are all well.  It was nice to welcome some of your friends back to school today.



I'd like you to write a police report today.

Police report



You are identifying 3D shapes from 2D representations.  There are a couple of slideshows to look through, a worksheet and then challenge your family to a game of bingo.




It's all about surrealism today.  There are a couple of videos to watch.  The you will look at Rousseau and Dali.  The activities are either to design a surreal character or a place that you've never been to before.  We would love to see your pictures. teachers@underwoodwest.cheshire.sch.uk







Monday 6th July

Morning Year 5. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.



We are reading the next chapter toady and answering questions on 'Each little error gives your enemy more time'.





It's all about regular and irregular polygons today.  There is a video to watch, a quiz to complete and then a couple of worksheets to have a go at.  No need to print out, just jot the answers down.




You are learning all about structure and texture today.  There is a couple of videos to watch and then listen to 3 of your favourite pop songs and list the various parts to the song.  Happy listening.



Friday 3rd July

Welcome to another Friday.  Hope you are all well.



Today we would like you to design your own party invitation.



It's the weekly challenge, you should be getting good at these now.




It's all about design skills this week.  There are a couple of videos to watch and then put your learning to practise.  Have fun!


 Thursday 2nd July

Good morning year 5.



Today we'd like you to write a diary entry.




Today we are measuring and identifying angles round a point.  There is a couple of videos and an activity to do.




There are a couple of games to play today, all about food chains



Wednesday 1st July

Happy July.  Hope everyone is well.



I'd like you to read the next chapter of the book and answer some more comprehension questions about the chapter.





Today it's all about angles on a straight line. There's a video to watch, a worksheet to complete and an interactive game to play.





There is a video all about evolution today. a quiz and a word search to complete.  This should all be a recap.




I'd like you to think about the stars on the coats that the refugees had to wear in this chapter.  Would you have kept your star?  Explain why/why not.




Tuesday 30th June

Happy Tuesday Year 5.  Hope you are all well. Where's the sun gone?



Today you are going to write a letter to convince the children to help the refugees.




It's all about drawing lines and angles today.




You are learning all about the Galapagos Islands today.  Did Michael visit them in Kensukes Kingdom? There's a quiz and a postcard to write after the video.  If you enjoy learning about this, there are loads of David Attenborough videos you can watch on iplayer or you tube.



Monday 29th June

Good morning Year 5, welcome to another week. The year 6 are back this week, hope they get on OK.



Next chapter, read the chapter and then answer the questions at the end.





It's all about angles this week. There's a video to watch, a quick recap on angles, labeling angles, a worksheet and then interactive work to do. 




You are learning about life in The Benin Kingdom today.  There is a video to watch, click on the goods traded with England and then either make a mind map of what you have learnt or make a quiz to quiz your family or teachers! Email teachers@underwoodwest.cheshire.sch.uk to test us!! 




Friday 26th June

We are at the end of the week again.  Where do they go?  Enjoy the weekend, see you Monday.



I'd like you to do some research on the appendix and then come to the conclusion as to if they are needed.




It's the weekly maths challenge.  Have a go, answers at the end.




It's all about singing with feeling today.

There's a couple of videos and some nice activities to join in with.  



Thursday  25th June

Morning Year 5. Gosh it was hot yesterday.  Hope you managed to get some work done in the heat.



After the speech marks yesterday, today you are going to write a conversation between Ephraim and Cliff.




Today we are dividing by 10, 100 & 100.  There is a video, a worksheet and an interactive game to have a go at.




You are looking at anthropometrics  (Taking measurements of the human body) and ergonomics (How a person interacts with a product)

There is a video and measuring of hand lengths and then you have to design a computer mouse.




Wednesday  24th June

Wow, what a hot day yesterday, hope it's hot today.  Hope you were all able to get out and about yesterday.  Get the paddling pools ready!



We are looking at speech marks again today, to really go over them.

Speech marks

Be the Teacher



Before you start your maths today, get yourself ready with the supermovers, recapping shapes.  Jump up and join in!  Its fun.



You are multiplying decimals today.  There are 2 worksheets to complete, plus a recap.




We are looking at features of sound today. There are a couple of videos to watch and then chose to do either the quiz at the end or a presentation all about sound.  Or you could do both!






Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning year 5.  Hope you are all well.



Today we are going to turn a telegram into a postcard.




We are looking at subtracting decimals again today.  There's a video, a worksheet and an interactive game to play.




Today in geography we are looking at Florida.  It will make you all want to hop on a plane, I'm sure.  Watch the video then there's a quiz and an activity. Then after all that there is a beautiful video by David Attenborough on oceans.  Enjoy.





Monday 22nd June

Hope everyone had a good weekend and are refreshed ready for another week. The year 1's are back today, hope they have a good time, some of your siblings might be back.



A new chapter this week.  Hope you are enjoying the book.





You will be subtracting decimals today.  There is a worksheet and then a board game to play.  Enjoy.




We are looking at the Kingdom of Benin.  There are a couple of videos to watch, then we would like you to either make a glossary of some of the terms or draw your own research map about all that you have learnt.  Hope you find the topic interesting.  I did!




Friday 19th June

We made it to Friday.  Good work!!



I'd like you to think about packing up everything into a suitcase, like the refugees in our story.  What would you take?




It's challenge Friday!  How many can you get right?




It's all about trusting websites in ICT.  There is a video to watch, a quiz, a word search and dance mat typing to practice your typing skills.  Have fun.



Have a wonderful weekend and see you back here on Monday.



Thursday 18th June

Hello Year 5, more great work done yesterday.  Keep up the good work. We love seeing it.



Look at your work from yesterday and today you are going to turn it into a poem.  I've done one, but I bet you can do much better!




Today you are adding decimals.  There is a video to watch and stop at various points, a worksheet to do and an interactive game to play.



D & T

You are looking at structures today.  There are a couple of videos to watch and then 2 activities.  Can you build a bridge with anything you have around the house or a self supporting dome structure made with straws?  The choice is yours.  Don't forget to photograph it and send it to us. teachers@underwoodwest.cheshire.sch.uk 




Wednesday 17th June

Good morning

I thought I would share with you Ruby's secret blog that she did yesterday.  It's very good.  Keep sending us your work and we'd love to see your smiling faces as well.




Today I'd like you to write a diary entry. Click below.




You have to add decimals today. Look at Bitesize, watch the video, don't forget to stop when they say, then complete the worksheet and there is a game at the end.




Today is all about the circulatory system.  There is a few videos to watch and then a quiz and you could also design a poster about how the circulatory system works.




Tuesday 16th June

Hope you all enjoyed the sunshine yesterday.



Today I'd like you to write a secret blog from Queenie about the events from the night before. Click below.

Secret blog 



Looking at percentages as fractions today.  There are 2 activities to complete.

Click on the link below




Anyone visited the Lake District?  It is beautiful. Don't worry if not, you will learn all about it through a video.  Then there is a quiz at the end, followed by a persuasive piece of writing to get visitors to visit. Click below.



Monday 15th June


Good morning year 5.

Hope you've had a relaxing weekend and ready to start a new week. Some of you might have siblings starting back at school today.



Before you start work today, look at Marcus Rashford (Man U & England footballer) and his warm up exercises.




Today we would like you to read pg 195 - 'It's a full time job to win' and then answer the questions.

Chapter 19




This week we are looking at percentages.  You need to look at the activity, quiz and then worksheet today.




We are looking at Vikings.  Can you remember from year 4?

Have a look at the information and then draw and invent your own Viking longboat.


Friday 12th June

Good morning.  It's Friday!

Hope you are all OK.



You are going to write an informal letter today, don't forget the modal verbs and adverbs.

Informal letter



We are looking at football and timings today.  There are a few videos and some activities to choose from.  Do the ones you fancy.



Art and Design

We're going to take a look at three artists - Andy WarholWassily Kandinsky and Jan van Eyck, 3 very different artists.  Which is your favourite?  Look at each activity and decide which one you would prefer to do.  We would still love to see your masterpieces when you've done.  Don't forget to email a photo to teachers@underwoodwest.cheshire.sch.uk 



Have a super weekend.

Thursday 11th June

Good morning year 5.



Today we are looking at modal verbs.

modal verbs




Today you are comparing and ordering decimals on Bitesize. There is an activity and a game to complete today. Good luck




Today is looking at sports, hobbies and freetime. There is a couple of videos to watch and then some activities.





Wednesday 10th June

Happy hump day everyone!!



Today we are looking at adverbs, a bit of SPaG, which will help with Friday's work. 


Attached is also the comprehension questions for the chapter, 'Together'.




Click on the click to learn all about rounding decimals today.




We are looking at reversible and irreversible changes.  Watch the clips and then do the activities and quiz.  Can you remember what is reversible or not?




Tuesday 9th June

Good morning, hope you are all well.



Today we would like you to write a postcard, you could even add the picture to the front if you want, what would you draw?  A lighthouse? The beach?



 Today you are converting thousandths into decimals.  Watch the clips and complete the activities.




We are looking at the Alps.  Do you know where they are?  Look at the clips and either write a brochure about them or try your hand at the quiz.  How many did you get right?


Monday 8th June

Morning Year 5 , hope you all had a good weekend.


Religious Education

 Hi Everyone

Hope you are all well and staying safe.

Please find below some activities for RE this term - don't think you have to do them all in one week, spread them over the term! 

The first one is a competition that you can enter called Spirited Arts, there is a power point and also information explaining what forms of artwork you can do and how to enter them once completed - don't forget to email me a copy so that I can see what you complete. This is a national competition with a chance to win a prize!

The second part of RE is looking at Humanism - this will be the first time that we have looked at this and it is about people that do not have any religious beliefs but where they have beliefs of how to treat each other and the world. Again any work that you complete would be lovely to see, so please send it to me using the teachers email address.

Anyway take care and hope to see you soon.

Mrs Chadwick

Friday 22nd May

Happy Friday everyone!

Maths - We are continuing with arithmetic to get you started and then on to negative numbers. The answers will be posted on Monday.

Maths Friday.pdf


Time to put everything you've been doing this week into practice. We look forward to seeing your completed work!

Friday Literacy.pdf



Reading - Questions for Chapter 11 

Chapter 11 Walls Have Ears.pdf

Art & DT - we would like you to make your own spitfire. The spitfire was used by the Royal Air Force and other allied forces during and after World War II.



Have a fantastic day and a super weekend!

The Year 5 Team

Thursday 21st May

Hola year 5!


Maths Thursday.pdf

Literacy - Look at your list and compare it to ours. Are there any new reasons you can add. Keep your list safe.

Thursday Literacy.pdf


History - We will be looking at clothes rationing during World War II.


Reading - Chapter 11, questions tomorrow.

Chapter 11 Walls have ears.pdf

Have a great Thursday!

The Year 5 Team


Wednesday 20th May

Good morning year 5!

Maths - arithmetic and negative numbers.

Maths Wednesday.pdf

Literacy - watch the clip and complete the work.

Wednesday Literacy.pdf


PSHE - Work through the feeling good slide. Have a think about how you would feel in different situations and how they might make others feel. We are all experiencing quite an unusual set of circumstances right now and everyone will be feeling differently. Remember to talk to others around you and share feelings, especially if you are feeling down.


PE - Its going to be a great day today so I'm sure everyone will be doing exercise of some kind. Here are some Joe Wicks exercised followed by some yoga positions to help you warm up.

PE Joe Wicks.pdf






Have great day and enjoy the sunshine!

The Year 5 Team

Tuesday 19th May

Hello everyone!

Maths - Arithmetic and negative numbers. Hopefully its starting to look familiar. If you are finding anything trick, send an email to the teachers email and Mr Sibbald will get in touch. teachers@underwoodwest.cheshire.sch.uk

Maths Tuesday.pdf

Literacy - today we are looking at including connectives in our writing. You also have some more work to complete on silent letters.


Tuesday Literacy.pdf

Reading - answering questions on chapter 10

Chapter 10 Careless talk costs lives.pdf

Chapter 10 Careless Talks Costs Lives questions.pdf

RE - Today you will be learning about Hindu gods. Follow the powerpoint and then complete the activity sheet.

Hindu Gods.pdf

Activity Sheet - Hindu Gods.pdf

Spanish - you are looking at colours in Spanish. 



Have a super day, work hard and as always, feel free to share any of your work with us. 

The Year 5 Team

Monday 18th May

Good Morning Year 5!

We hope you have had a nice and relaxing weekend and are ready to do some learning. 

Here are you answers for maths last week. 

Worksheets Week 6 Answers.pdf

In maths this week we will be continuing with our arithmetic practice and recapping negative numbers.

Maths Monday.pdf

In literacy we will be look at 'persuasion'. You will need to read more of the book before you start the work.

Chapter 11 Walls have ears.pdf

Chapter 12 Freedom is in peril.pdf

Monday Literacy.pdf

We have also got some work for you to complete on silent letters. Work through the powerpoint and then have a go at the worksheet.


silent_letters (1).pdf

Reading - answering questions about Chapter 9 

Chapter 09 Attack on all fronts.pdf

Chapter 9 Attack on All Fronts questions.pdf

Science - Phases of the moon. Have a look at the powerpoint and then work through the worksheets. 


Phases of the Moon Worksheet.pdf


Have a great Monday!

The Year 5 Team.

Friday 15th May

Its the weekend! Work hard today and enjoy a break for a couple of days!

Week 6 Maths Friday.pdf

Todays chapter in Literacy is 'Walls have ears'. We would love you to share todays work with us. Just send it to the teachers email with your class teachers name in the subject box. teachers@underwoodwest.cheshire.sch.uk

Literacy Friday.pdf

SPAG - your suffix work will be on professions today. 


suffix_cian_jobs (2).pdf

History - today you will be looking at cryptograms. Can you break the codes?



Have a super day!


The Year 5 Team

Thursday 14th May

Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all managing well with the rounding in numeracy and managing to activate your prior learning and recalling all the rounding we did at the beginning of the year.

Week 6 Maths Thursday.pdf

Time to get your designing hats back on for literacy.

Literacy Thursday.pdf

Reading - You have questions for chapter 8 today. Read the chapter again if you need to refresh your memory.

Chapter 8 Loose Lips Sink Ships questions.pdf

History - today we are looking at rationing. Read through the powerpoint and answer the questions.

Lesson Presentation Rationing.pdf


Have a great day!

Wednesday 13th May 

Hello Year 5!

In numeracy we are continuing with arithmetic and rounding numbers. 

Week 6 Maths Wednesday.pdf

Literacy - today you will be putting some of your learning into sentences. Think about what makes a good sentence and what makes a great sentence. Vary your openers. Include Parenthesis if possible. Most importantly remember to use capital letters and full stops!

Literacy Wednesday.pdf

SPAG - your suffix today is 'ful'.


PE - Remember to check out Joe Wicks on youtube for lots of fantastic ways to keep fit during lockdown. Here is a short 8 minute exercise to get you started.

PE Joe Wicks.pdf

PSHE - we are looking jobs today and having a think about what they involve and what you might like to do when you are older?



Tuesday 12th May

Good morning everyone!

Today we will continue with arithmetic and round in numeracy.

Week 6 Maths Tuesday.pdf

In Literacy today we need to make sure we have read the chapter 'Careless talk costs lives'. You will need the work you completed yesterday.

 Chapter 09 Attack on all fronts.pdf

Chapter 10 Careless talk costs lives.pdf

Literacy Tuesday.pdf

In SPAG today we are looking at the suffix 'ness'.


In Reading we will be answering questions from Chapter 7. You have already read this but feel free to read it again if you need to. 

Chapter 7 Lend a Hand on the Land.pdf

Spanish - this week your theme is age and numbers. Follow the powerpoint and then complete the worksheet.



Re - we are going to be learning the Hindu story of 'Rama and Sita. This story is connected to Diwali, the annual festival of light that is held every autumn. Read the story and complete the worksheet.




Monday 11th May

Good morning Year 5.

Here are last weeks maths answers. You will need a calculator.

Week 5 Maths answers.pdf

Numeracy this week will be arithmetic and rounding.

Week 6 Maths Monday.pdf

In literacy you will need to make sure you have read the chapter 'Loose lips sink ships'.

Chapter 06 Do your duty.pdf

Chapter 07 Lend a hand on the land.pdf

Chapter 08 Loose lips sink ships.pdf

Literacy Monday.pdf

In SPAG we will focus on suffixes. Work your way through the slides and then complete the following worksheet. These are differentiated but try to challenge yourself.

Suffix pp.pdf


In Science we are looking at day and night cycles. Use this link to do some scientific investigating and then complete the worksheet. These are again differentiated so complete the one that you think will challenge.



Have a great day!

The Year 5 Team

Tuesday 5th of May

Hola Year 5!

Today for your learning we have literacy, numeracy, reading, PE and Spanish.

Numeracy today is arithmetic and problem solving.

 Week 5 Maths Tuesday.pdf

Literacy is watching a piece about an evacuee for you to make notes on. There is also some work to do on the prefix of dis

 week 3 recount Tuesday.pdf


The prefix dis worksheet.pdf

Reading today is Chapter 5 - ‘Caring for the Evacuees is a National Service’. You will find it on a blue or a white background. Please choose which one is best for you to read from.

 Chapter 05 Caring for evacuees is a national service blue.pdf

Chapter 05 Caring for evacuees is a national service white.pdf


Spanish – this week the theme is days of the week and months of the year and you have a choice here of what to do. We have some lessons on Speekee. here are the instructions for you to follow, visit www.speekee.com and follow the ¡Hola Speekee! link. You can go straight to your age or you might prefer to work from the lower ages and do all of it. You will hear Spanish speakers saying the words which is always good. This speekee! Link is free. If you don’t want to do the Speekee link then I have put some days and months sheets for you to do with a PowerPoint just to remind you of the days of the week and the months of the year. If you really want a challenge you can do all of it.



spanish_months_LOS (1).pdf



Its supposed to be a lovely day today so there are some more fitness work cards for you to have a go at. There is the plank, some jogging and other individual activities as well. 



Have a lovely day and don’t forget some more work will be set tomorrow.

Keep safe

The Year 5 Team

Monday 4th of May

Good Morning Year 5!

Hope you are well this Monday morning.

Today there is some literacy, numeracy, science and topic.

First of all, we have the numeracy answers from last week.

 Week 4 Math Place Value Greater than Less than Answers.pdf

Here is the numeracy for this week, some arithmetic to get the brain juices flowing and then some problem solving.

 Week 5 Maths Monday.pdf

Literacy we are carrying on with recounts. You need to re-read the chapters from last week on Letters from the Lighthouse and make notes. I have put the chapters underneath again for you to read. Make sure you read Week 3 Recount and the note making sheet first before you make any notes from your reading. There is also some work on prefixes as well, looking at un. There is a PowerPoint and also a sheet for you to complete. See if you notice any prefixes when you are reading the chapters of the book.

week 3 recount Monday.pdf

note making.pdf

Chapter 02 Make do and mend blue.pdf

Chapter 02 Make do and mend.pdf

Chapter 03 Mothers send them out of London blue.pdf

Chapter 03 Mothers send them out of London white.pdf

 prefixes_un (1).pdf



Carrying on with space today you have a PowerPoint about the solar system. On the very last slide of the PowerPoint there are some questions for you to answer. There is also another sheet called planets for you to try and remember in which order the planets go from the sun. On the second slide of the PowerPoint it had what we call a mnemonic, which is a list of words, that can help you remember an order. Can you think of one of your own to help you remember the order of the planets?

 Earth_ (2).pdf

name_the_planets .pdf

 Topic – There is a V.E activity sheet, for you to look at an activity, so that you can learn more about the war and about the VE celebrations that would have taken place this Friday the 8th of May. I am sure if we had been in school we would have had a big celebration. You don’t need to do them all maybe look at one a day so that it gives you a better understanding of the V.E celebrations. 

VE DAY.pdf


Hello Year 5!

Happy Friday morning to you!

Friday 1st of May.

Here is your daily work with numeracy, literacy, reading and topic work.

Numeracy is a follow on from the rest of the week and the answers will be posted on Monday.

 Week 4 Maths Friday.pdf

Literacy is your recount work and a sheet that has some spelling mistakes on it. a lot are plural words.

Recount 1st May 2020.pdf


Reading today is a comprehension but look at how many marks each question has. If it has two marks then look at two points needed in your answer

 Guided Reading.pdf

Topic work is to do with the VE celebrations which will be celebrated a week today on the 8th of May. This celebration is to remember the 75th anniversary of the Second World War in Europe ending but the war still carried on in Asia till later in the year. There is a KS2 VE Information Pdf for you to read there is also a sheet for you to design your own VE medal and also some colouring sheets as well. If you can’t print the design off and the colouring sheets then just do some sketching work instead on a piece of paper or design your medal.

KS2 VE Day Information PowerPoint.pdf

design a VE war medal.pdf

KS2 VE Day Themed Colouring Pages.pdf

Have a good weekend and make sure you and your family keep safe.

More work will be put on, on Monday.

The Year 5 Team

Thursday 30th of April

Welcome Year 5!

Beneath is the work set for you for today. You will find some numeracy, literacy, reading and topic work.

Numeracy is for you to carry on with the maths topic for this week.

 Week 4 Maths Thursday.pdf


A little clip for you to watch and make notes on and a sheet on some plurals to do. Make sure you read the instructions carefully.

30th April 2020.pdf


Reading -The questions for Chapter 4 are set but can you complete them? Remember Chapter 4 is on Wednesday’s work if you want to re-read it.

Chapter 4 - The Round Up.pdf

Topic Work - Our topic is World War 2 and I have given you a PowerPoint about The Blitz. I have chosen this because you have read about the Blitz in Chapter 1 of Letters from the Lighthouse. Look at the PowerPoint and you also have another The Blitz pdf where you can think of some words that would fit in with the pictures, nouns (names of things), adjectives (describing words) and verbs (doing words). It's good to look at the pictures and the words will also help with the literacy. I have also given you another sheet (Blitz photo sort) for you to match the pictures to the words and to round the topic off for this afternoon, a word search on World War 11 (the answers are there as well)




world war 11 word search.pdf

Take care and stay safe!

The Year 5 Team

Wednesday 29th of April 2020

Hello Year 5!

I hope you are looking forward to plenty of work. It is workout Wednesday and yes there is some PE!

Numeracy is following on from yesterday’s work.

 Week 4 Maths Wednesday.pdf

Literacy - some more work towards a recount and yes you have guessed it plurals are back with some soldiers that need your help on so please help them out. Don’t forget your help sheet from Monday if you need it.

 29th April 2020 Recount.pdf


Reading is the next instalment of Letters from the Lighthouse so please find Chapter 4 below with either a blue or white background.

 Chapter 04 The round up blue.pdf

Chapter 04 The round up.pdf

PE today are some fitness cards for you to work through most are individual but you might want the help of brothers and sisters for the last few. Remember to be careful.

fitness challenge cards.pdf

PSHE today is work on friends. I know that you might have seen your friends over social media (safely I hope) but it is not the same as seeing them in the flesh. There are two bits to this, one is what are the qualities that you look for in a good friend -hopefully this will give you a chance to think of all the positive qualities that your friends have. The second bit is for you to create a recipe of their good points.



Tomorrow is topic Thursday but not without some literacy and numeracy first.

 Take care and stay safe.

The Year 5 Team



Tuesday 28th of April

Good morning Year 5!

Some more work for you but first you will find the answers to last week’s maths.

 Week 3 Maths Answer.pdf

Numeracy for Tuesday is underneath. I hope you have started the maths mystery that was put on yesterday and look forward to seeing who can work it out.

 Week 4 Maths Tuesday.pdf

Literacy is looking at rhetorical questions and then a worksheet for you to do and of course some more plurals -don’t forget to use your help sheet from yesterday.

 28th April 2020 Literacy.pdf

I can spell more plural nouns.pdf

 Reading today are the questions from Chapter 3 which you read yesterday.

 Chapter 3 reading questions.pdf

Spanish – is a bit different this week the theme is numbers and you have a choice here of what to do. We have some lessons on Speekee,here are the instructions for you to follow, visit www.speekee.com and follow the ¡Hola Speekee! link. You can go straight to your age or you might prefer to work from the lower ages and do all of it. You will hear Spanish speakers saying the words which is always good. This speekee! Link is free. If you don’t want to do the Speekee link then I have put some number sheets for you to do with a PowerPoint just to remind you of the numbers and what they represent. If you really want a challenge you can do all of it.



 RE – Continuing from your revision work on Hindus last week. Please see the sheet below for you to complete.

 What do Hindus teach their children about God.pdf

 There will be more work tomorrow.

Keep safe and work hard.

The Year 5 Team



Good Morning Year 5,

I hope you have had a good weekend and kept yourselves safe but busy.

Today you will be doing:

Numeracy – arithmetic, place value and a maths quiz as well

 Week 4 Maths Monday.pdf

Week 4 Maths Math Mystery.pdf

Literacy – recount work and some plural work as well but don’t worry there is a help sheet to go with it.

 27th April 2020 literacy.pdf


singular and plural nouns.pdf

Reading – I hope your enjoying the book so today I have put Chapter 3 on. You will see two chapter 3’s but don’t worry, one is on a white background but I know that some of you might find reading off the computer you get a little bit more glare so one is on a blue background, so see which one you prefer.

 Chapter 03 Mothers send them out of London blue.pdf

Chapter 03 Mothers send them out of London white.pdf

Science – The topic this time is Space so today you have a sheet for you to sort out the definitions and look up some more space vocabulary.

 Earth in Space.pdf

More work tomorrow!

So take care and keep safe



Week beginning Monday 20th

Hello Year 5!

We hope everyone has had a good Easter and that you are all staying safe.

We are back to more of what we know this week but would still love to hear from you if you have completed any activities or work over the Easter period.

Maths this week will focus on Place Value, something we are quite familiar with now so lets see what you have learnt.

Maths Week 3 Place value.pdf

Monday Arithmetic

Tuesday Arithmetic

Wednesday Arithmetic

Thursday Arithmetic

Friday Arithmetic

For literacy this week we will be revisiting recounts. We will also be starting our new book, 'Letters to the Lighthouse'. If possible download this PDF to your device so that you have constant access to it.


Literacy Recount.pdf

Creative Activities

We would like you to choose 2 activities from each section and complete them over the next few weeks, these are all related to our new book Letters from the Lighthouse. Email us with your completed ones.

Creative Activities

 PE Activities

PE Links.docx

Chatterbox Challenge Instructions.pdf

Chatterbox Challenge.pdf



Chapter 01 Keep Calm and carry on.pdf


Chapter 02 Make do and mend.pdf

Chapter 2 Make do and mend reading questions.pdf













Tuesday 14th April

We hope you have all had a brilliant weekend celebrating Easter.

We are still waiting to see what projects or challenges you have completed over the last week, so if you have anything you'd like to share make sure you send it to teachers@underwoodwest.cheshire.sch.uk

Here are some more activities for the next week before we return to a more familiar routine.

Science Experiments.pdf

Easter Recipes Booklet.pdf

Easter Multiplication Mosaic

Design your own egg

Can you write your own Easter themed poems. Could it be and acrostic poem, a kenning or a free verse poem. Will it have rhyming couplets? Don't forget to share it with your teacher!

Monday 6th April

Happy Easter Year 5,

For the next two weeks we will not be doing our usual school work and will instead be taking part in lots of great activities, some easter themed and some are just for fun. We would love for you to share these or anything else you're proud of with your teachers, so please send any photos of completed work to our email at


Make sure you put the name of your teacher as the subject.

New activities will be uploaded next week so see how many you can have a go at!

Have a great Easter!

The Year 5 Team


Who doesn't love cookies and cakes. The BBC website has lots of fantastic recipes for you to follow. Sadly we won't be able to try them, but we would love to see how they turn out. 



Below is an art challenge. Once you have shared your creations with us we will give you a new one. Happy drawing!


With all those easter eggs we need to remember to keep fit. Mr Sibbald will be doing 50 press ups a day as part of his easter fitness challenge. How many can you do? What challenge will you set for yourself?

Can you create an Easter themed obstacle course in your house or in your Garden?

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well and working hard at home! It has been so lovely to see work, pictures, poems and lego models of everything that you are doing on the teachers emails.

I thought as we are approaching Easter it would be lovely to keep such creativity from you all going and using those amazing RE brain boxes. So please find below various activities for different year groups all about the Easter Story and if possible when you complete anything can you please add these to the emails (teachers@underwoodwest.cheshire.sch.uk) as it would be great for us all to see what you have been up to.

Take care and see you very soon.

Mrs Chadwick

Mental health and wellbeing

Parents some information you may find useful if your child is worrying about the coronavirus.

Friday 27th of March
Buenos Dias Year 5!
I hope that all of you have managed to do some of the work and have enjoyed the range of
activities that you have been given to do.
Here is the menu for Friday!!
Numeracy –
There is some more work on Roman Numerals and there is also some arithmetic work for
you to do. I know how much some of you love doing arithmetic.
Literacy –
I have given you some more alphabetic order with a PowerPoint and another sheet to work
through. I have also but in an adjective list in alphabetical order. Can you create your
adjective dictionary of words – some will be harder to do than others e.g. A is for adorable
and so on. There is also a PowerPoint on connectives now read this one carefully and then
read through your explanations you had earlier in the week (glass, compost, honey) and see
how many of the connectives you can recognise in the pieces. This will help with next
week’s work on explanations.
To learn about deforestation
Look at the Power Point about deforestation. Write three paragraphs about how
deforestation affects:
1. Animals 2. People 3. Plants
You can also do your own research to help you write these paragraphs.
Don’t forget to read as well, 30 minutes in one go, or split it into 3 lots of 10 minutes.
Take care

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The Year 5 Team

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