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Year 4

Hello Year 4 
Welcome to your online learning page. Each day there will be a Literacy activity and a Maths activity to complete. 
We will also be setting a project on France.  More details can be found here. We have put some suggestions on different things you could do but it is your project and should follow your interests. For example if you love animals research the animals that live in France, their diet and habitats. If football is more your thing create a guide to the football clubs of France. 
Try to get into a routine of completing your work at the same time each day in a calm/quiet space eg. At the kitchen table. 
Remember learning isn't just about reading, writing and Maths, why not learn how to tie your shoe laces, how to tell the time or how to cook your favourite dinner. 
If you or your parents/carers have any queries about your work, need help or want to share some fantastic work please email teachers@underwoodwest.cheshire.sch.uk using your child's name and class as the subject. We aim to respond within 24 hours. 
Below is a list of websites that you may find interesting or useful during your time at home. 
Times table rockstars - Challenge your friends, teachers and classmates to a competition or 1:1 head to head. 
National Park Guides -- Take a tour around one of America's National parks - make sure you turn the sound on. 
Twinkl - A huge amount of online and downloadable learning resources. Create a login using code: CVDTWINKLHELPS
The School run - A variety of activities as well as support for parents on different t
Anchor Education KS2 SPAG songs - A variety of songs to practice Spelling, punctuation and grammar. 


Free books and audio books 




Oxford Owl - Free ebooks.  Instructions of how to login here




To continue your Computing lessons at home, please click on the link below:

Click here

Tuesday 30th of June

Hola Year 4,

We hope you are all okay and taking good care of yourself and your family. 


Did you solve the Wimbledon mystery? I hope you did. 

Today we are going to carry on with data handling and some graphs that I am sure you know very well - Bar Charts. I have two graphs for you to look at one is to do with life spans and one to do with lunch boxes. You need to make sure with bar charts that you look at the scale they are using. On the life span graph it goes up in tens. 

Page 25 Life Spans (2).jpg

Page 26 Lunch Boxes (2).jpg


Today you will be carrying on with your fables. We hope you enjoyed reading them yesterday. We have given you another one to read called the fox and the crow. 




We have given you some work on colours this week just to refresh your memory. 

Spanish Colours Worksheet.pdf


Hopefully, the weather is a bit better and you maybe able to do this PE outside, wherever you do it take care.



Carrying on with the tennis theme we started yesterday we have given you some Wimbledon word searches to do.


We hope you enjoy your work today and more will be coming your way tomorrow.

Keep safe, Year 4!

Monday 29th of June.

A very good morning to you Year 4 and we do hope that you have had a fantastic weekend!

Today would have been the start of Wimbledon the oldest tennis tournament in the world and it takes place in London. Unfortunately due to the virus it hasn't been able to take place like a lot of things. We have posted a PowerPoint for you to learn about Wimbledon so hopefully next year you will be able to watch it.Today's work has a tennis theme. Please see the link to learn about Wimbledon below.


Numeracy -

With it being Monday we have given you a maths mystery to complete and yes its all to do with Wimbledon. We do hope you can solve it. 


Literacy -

Your literacy today is work on Fables which we think you will enjoy. Please click on the link below and work your way down to where its says Tuesday's work.


Reading - 

Your reading comprehension is again on Wimbledon. Please choose the reading comprehension you feel most comfortable with and the answers are underneath. 


Science -

Your science this week is to do with pitch. Please read the PowerPoint below and then if you wish to and you have some spare straws you could make your own pan pipes and investigate pitch even further.  

Lesson Presentation Higher and Lower.pdf

Activity Sheet Straw Pan Pipes.pdf

Don't forget about your topic work and you can find the links under Friday's work.

We hope you enjoy today's work. 

Take care and more work will be waiting for you tomorrow. 

Friday 26th of June

Good Morning Year 4 and we hope you are all well. 


Answers from the previous day

Page 21  - Mini-beasts

1 21

2 17

3 In rotting logs

4 Under stones

5 13

6 67

Page 22 - Bird Table

1 30

2 Between 10 and 15 birds

3 Between 12.00 and 1,00

4 Between 1.00 and 2.00

5 2 and a half birds shown on chart 

6 Morning

7 10-11 am, 2-3 pm,  3-pm

8 8-9 am, 11-12 noon, 1-2 pm

 There is another sheet for you to complete on pictograms and if you scroll down you will find the answers once you have completed the work. I have left the PowerPoint with it just to remind you.

PowerPoint - Pictograms.pdf



Carrying on with The True Story of the Three Little Pigs! Please click on the link below for Friday's work. We hope you are enjoying this work. Today you are writing the story. We would love to see them so please send them to us on the teachers email. 



We have also given you the fitness cards again incase you would like to do some PE but make sure you are careful because of it being so warm. 



I have put your topic plan on again and there will be a new one on Monday for you to work on.

Topic Plan 1 - France.pdf

 France blank outline.pdf 

French days of the week.pdf

Map of France - Cities and Towns labelled.pdfMonday

Have a lovely weekend and please make sure you look after yourselves. 

Thursday 25th of June 

Good Morning Year 4. It is going to be a hot one so be careful if your going outside plenty of sun cream and a cap on too!


Today we are going to look at pictograms which as the name suggests are pictures drawn to represent a graph. To give you a recap there is a PowerPoint to look at and then two sheets to complete. Look at how they cut the mini-beasts in on page 21 so that half a mini-beast represents one. We will put the answers on, on Friday so you can check. 

PowerPoint - Pictograms.pdf

Page 21 Mini-beasts (2).jpg

Page 22 Bird Table (2).jpg


Carrying on with The True Story of the Three Little Pigs! Please click on the link below for Thursday's work. We hope you are enjoying this work. Today you are going to look at whether characters in a story are really that bad. We think this looks interesting work for you to complete. We hope you think so to. 






If you are feeling really energetic you can also do some topic as well. The links are on Tuesday's work.

Keep safe Year 4 and bye for now.  More work will posted on tomorrow. 





Wednesday 24th of June

Good Morning Year 4 and what a fine, sunny morning it is

Carroll Diagrams – Answers

Page 17 Families

1 Aaron and Kimberley

2 Two children from: Hannah, Victoria, Francis, Beth or Rose

3 Kate

4 No

5 Tom written in the bottom left-hand box

Page 18 Sorting Numbers

1 13.15 and 21

2 Two numbers from: 1.7,11 or 19

3 Two numbers from 2,4, 16 or 22


For your work today we thought you could carry on with some exploration of Carroll diagrams. There is one to do on sounds and the other on multiples. 

Multiples of 6, 7 and 9 Carroll Diagram Activity Sheet.pdf



Carrying on with The True Story of the Three Little Pigs! Please click on the link below for Wednesday's work. Today you will be looking at 1st and 3rd person. We hope you are enjoying this work. 


 Year 4-pet-care-of-a-dog-differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity.pdf


Carrying on with your topic on sound, we have a presentation on hearing sounds and then a sheet for you to explain how we hear. The activity sheet is made up up of three parts a bit like the reading comprehension but you do the sheet that you feel more comfortable doing. 

Year 4 Presentation Hearing Sounds.pdf

Year 4 Activity Sheet Science of Sound.pdf

You could also do some topic work as well. Please look at the links on yesterday's work.

It has given out a really hot day today so please be careful if your out in your pools in the back garden. Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen on. 

Take care Year 4 and have fun with your work!




 Tuesday 23rd of June 

Hello Year 4 and a terrific Tuesday to you all!


We hope you enjoyed the maths mystery yesterday but did you solve it? Today numeracy is all about Carroll Diagrams. We know that some of you will know all about Carroll Diagrams but some of you may also feel unsure so just in case there is a PowerPoint just to refresh your memory and then two sheets for you to complete and the answers will be given to you on Wednesday. 


Page 17 Families (2).jpg

Page 18 Sorting Survey (2).jpg



Here is you link for your work on Tuesday. We hoped you like reading the book yesterday. We like the way it tells a traditional tale in a very different way. Today you have plenty to look at with pronouns and adjectives to work on. Scroll down to find Tuesday's work but remember don't go onto Wednesday's work.



I have put your topic plan on again.

Topic Plan 1 - France.pdf

 France blank outline.pdf 

French days of the week.pdf

Map of France - Cities and Towns labelled.pdfMonday


We thought we could refresh our numbers today. Let's see if you can remember! 




If there are any other topics or you have ideas that you would like to look at over the next few weeks then please let us know by dropping an email to teachers@underwoodwest.cheshire.sch.uk and we look forward to hearing from and also seeing the work that you are doing.

We hope you enjoy your work. 

Take care Year 4.


Good Morning Year 4 and we hope you have had a lovely weekend. 

Monday 22nd of June

Venn Diagrams answers from Friday

Page 13 Shape Sort

1 Rhombus drawn in the part where the two circles overlap. Parallelogram drawn in the part where the two circles overlap. Triangle drawn in the box but not in any part of the circles.

2 Square, rectangle

3 Two shapes from from pentagon, circle, hexagon triangle

4 Two shapes from circle, triangle, arrow head, rhombus, parallelogram

Page 14  Number sort

1 20, 30

2 25, 5 

3 Two numbers from 9,21, 3 or 17.


We promised you a maths mystery so lets see if you can solve it. It's all about a monkey mystery! Don't forget the answers are with it so no cheating. 



We though you might like a reading comprehension about Stonehenge which has been in the news over the weekend because it is a place where the summer solstice is celebrated this is when daylight is at it longest and the daylight then starts to gets shorter and you will see the nights slowly getting darker earlier.  


For you writing today we are going to look at The True Story of The Three Little Pigs which I think you will enjoy. Please click on the clink below and look at the work you are going to do today. Work your way down the page until you get to Tuesday. Don't go past it  - that is tomorrow's work.