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Underwood West Academy

A school in the Community, Working with the Community, For the Community

School Council

 Our Charter


As a School Council we promise to:

Be good role models,

Listen to ALL Children,

Be good communicators, 

Respect other people and their feelings,

Give feedback to our teachers and classmates


The School Council take their roles very seriously, they all thought about what they would contribute individually to improve their school.


Our School Council Members :

My name is Jasmine, I am 7 years old and I like PE and writing. At home I enjoy writing in my diary. I have two dogs; one white one called Bud and a black and white one called Sasha. As a school councillor I like going to the meetings with Mrs Ashley and Mr Wrigley.


My name is Oskar and I am 7 years old. I like playing races because I am good at running and going on the Trim Trail. I have a twin brother and we always look after each other. I like going to the school council meetings because we eat our dinner there.


My name is Noah and I like Minecraft and Roadblocks. As a school councillor I help people who are hurt. I go to martial arts to learn to protect people and scare others if they are hurting someone. I have a pet rabbit called Jasper, he is only 5 months old and he scratches me sometimes because he is just learning. I made a run for him outside with my dad.


My name is Riley and I am in Year 6. I like doing important things and helping people. I have been a school councillor before so have experience. I enjoy ICT, PE, Literacy and Maths. I like sports and coach sometimes and I like to help others in lessons. I have a dog called Cranky who I named when I was 2 years old because I loved Thomas the Tank Engine. I also do Martial Arts and want to be a Sense one day.


My name is Varshith and I am in Year 4. I am from India and I go back every year for my summer holidays where I like Indian fish because I live near the coast. I would like to be able to speak my Mother Tongue but it is very complicated. I like being in England because it is not too hot. I enjoy being a school councillor because I get to know more about what’s going on in the school.


My name is Lily and I am 9. I like being a school councillor because I like helping children to have friends to play with so that they are happy at school. I enjoy Art because it inspires me, PE as I am sporty and fast and Literacy as I like learning. I like playing with my friends at Last Man because I like winning. I love school dinners because they taste really good!


My name is Aaron and I am 8. My birthday is on Valentine’s Day. I like Art, learning and going on school trips. I enjoy being a school councillor because I go to meetings and have lunch. I like playing with my brother in Year 9, my sister in Year 6 and my little sister who is 3. I help to look after her and enjoy playing tag and with the balloons from my birthday.


My name is Laura and I am 8. I like helping people and playing with friends and people I don’t know so I can make new friends. I like to help people when they are stuck. I enjoy playing with my brother at tag and hide and seek. In school I like doing maths challenges and reading, my favourite book is ‘Charlie Cooks favourite Book’.


My name is Zara and I am 10. I wanted to be a school councillor because people find me kind and people can come to me and then I can pass on ideas. It is an opportunity to tell how good school is and if improvements can be made. I like school because it is somewhere to learn. I like playing on the PlayStation and going to my brothers at the weekend.


My name is Bradley and I am in Year 5. I like being a school councillor so that I can help people in trouble or being bullied and if someone is hurt. I enjoy Art and Maths and am always well behaved at school. I have a brother in Year 6, one in Year 2 and a sister in Year 4. I like to play out and go on the computer at home.


My name is Oliwia and I am 9. I like being a school councillor because I can help and do jobs. School is fun and I like Art because of the drawing and sketching and PE because of the movements. I have just started Street Dancing two weeks ago and I like helping my mum and playing with my little sister. I have three dogs; a Labrador and two Yorkshire Terriers.


My name is Millie and I am in Year 2. I would like to be a nurse when I’m older as I like to do First Aid for my sister and brother. I like being on the School Council so that I can nurse people when they are hurt and sort things out. I love history and reading is my favourite. I also love being with my family and teachers. My favourite film is Trolls.



"Together we will make the school a better place."



 "We will look after new children."




"We would like to help look after the reception children."


 "We will look after the playground."


 "We will make sure everybody is happy."


"We will keep the whole school tidy and litter free."


 "We will help raise funds to buy more games."